The Science and Art of Healing with
Flower Gem Combination Essences
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Boost your immune system effectively against specific viruses (eg EBV, CMV), bacteria (eg staph, Lyme) and fungal infections (eg candida).

Release negative thoughts, emotions and energies where infections may be hiding.

Bring in new life and love to rebuild you.

Quantum entropathy (QEP) is a new system of energy healing.

If you have problems with infections, then you have come to the right site.  The basic idea is that if you release the negativity where the infection is hiding, and boost your immune system enough, then the infection will go.  I am a quantum physicist who has been developing a system of energy healing based upon the living side of the Universe (which science denies), for the last 30 years.  I have had most of the infections listed on this site, and got rid of them completely.    I would like to help you do the same.

My i-remedies are 99.9% doubly distilled pure water (with traces of brandy used as a preservative).  They contain the "energies" (i.e. life force or consciousness) of flowers and crystals.  They are combinations of flower essences and gem elixirs, like the Bach Rescue remedy, but more specific.  I have made huge breakthroughs in getting more physical results.  My i-remedies are non-chemical, non-toxic, and natural, being liquid states of consciousness.

Nobody gets it.  The materialists think this is nonsense.  My colleagues in physics think I am nuts.  Healers and spiritual people think these combination remedies just heal emotions.  It's true they do.  But they also collapse the wave function and so determine specific sub-atomic and atomic outcomes.  In this way consciousness creates order out of chaos.  My i-remedies and i-treatments help you bring order into your life. 

I will go into the physics and philosophy of this more deeply in other parts of this website, but there is one key detail I would like to mention here.  Consciousness creates existence.  Physicists have found that atomic particles "exist" in multiple possible states (described by the wave function).  Then when an observation  is made, this suddenly "collapses" to the actual state in the real world.  Einstein used to go round Princeton asking "Do you seriously think the moon is not there when you don't look at it?"  The solution is that there is a hidden side to the Universe which brings consciousness in, which collapses the wave function and makes things realThus all things which exist have some kind of consciousness behind them.  My remedies capture this consciousness and put it in forms to boost your existance and health.

Let us move from living physics to medicine and healing - they are different.  Jesus did not say "Cur* the sick" but "Heal the sick".  Whilst medicine attacks the disease, healing stimulates the life principle.  Doctors think that disease is the enemy and they provide treatments for the disease, to fight it with drugs, surgery and radiation.  My i-remedies and i-treatments do the reverse.  They do not fight the disease - water cannot.  Instead they boost your life force against the disease.  As you become more positive and stronger, you let go of the infection and it goes away.  It is like finding  bugs in the computer software and correcting them.  Once they are corrected, the faults no longer occur.  It is the same with life.  Correct the faulty states of consciousness and the bugs (literally) will go away.

This is natural healing, but with a twist.  To avoid the problems of (dead) science and medicine, people seek healing from herbs and herbal blends.  This is fine so far as it goes, but there are problems.  Herbs contain chemicals which have to be metabolised.  Also herbs tend not to bring out the healing properties hidden in nature.  Also, by focussing on herbs, one tends to ignore crystals and minerals.  Crystals are alive.  They are non-biological life forms.  They are like plants.  They are recognised by their shape and colours (as in botany); they grow; you can seed them; and they have healing properties.  Crystals have very high levels of order and very high levels of the life force.  They have a mathematical precision and fewer diseases than plants.  My i-remedies incorporate the energies of flowers, crystals and or minerals.  And they do it in such a way that they bring out the hidden healing properties of nature.  They do this by enhancing a property which would otherwise be hidden.

One of the problems with herbs is that they are not much use against immune suppression.  They may help boost the immune system against viruses and bacteria, but they are not much use at correcting immune suppression, and so often don't get rid of the infection completely.  To overcome this you have to go behind the veil and put right what has gone wrong, and boost your life force coming into specific centres and glands (pituitary and thymus), into your brain and nervous system, into your white blood cells, and other tissues of your immune system.  Herbs tend to be too broad-brush to do this effectively.  My i-remedies are targeted to do this at the atomic and sub-atomic levels.  So for example, I have remedies which boost the immune system in the pituitasry gland, in the white blood cells, and even the DNA in the T-cells.  Carefully selected groups of such remedies can completely reverse immune suppression, and overwhelm an infection.  Results may vary.

There is however a "but".  Whilst in medicine you may need 1 drug, or a blend of a few herbs, in my system you may need many remedies.  There are reasons for this.  My i-remedies are non-chemical, non-toxic and very gentle, which is a good thing.  But it means they don't force change (also a good thing).Instead they act at the quantum level to put right something which has gone wrong.  This is true healing.  However, one often has to put right a number of things at this level before you start to get results on a larger scale, which you can see.  This is not results for the ego, but healing for the soul.

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