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Boost your immune system effectively

against Lyme disease and other infections

Quantum Entropathy (QEP)

Dr Richard Ellis, MA, DPhil (Oxon)

Nature of Lyme

Chronic Lyme disease is one of the most difficult infection to get rid of. It took me about 8 times as long to eliminate Lyme as it did drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB). The problem with Lyme is the complexity. It is complex on all levels: spiritual, mental, emotional, etheric and physical. It is well-known that Lyme causes different problems in different people, making it difficult to diagnose and treat. But there are aspects of Lyme which the scientific method cannot determine.

I was infected with Lyme 5 and a "bit" times. The "bit" came about as follows - remember I am a healer and so strange things can happen. I was at a friend's house on the edge of the local Forest (of Woolmer), when I found a tic on her cat. She got the tweasers, twisted it off, and put it on the kitchen table. It started to walk! I thought this was not a good idea and squashed it with the back of my thumbnail. My friend ticked me off (sic) and cleaned my thumb and the table with antiseptic. I went home and thought nothing of it.

Half an hour later I was working on my computer and started to feel a bit odd. I stopped and realised I had probably picked up some borrelia b. from the tic. So I tested myself and sure enough I was positive - it was on the outside of my thumbnail - I swear it was trying to bore through my nail! I decided to ignore that for a bit, because I realised this was a very interesting situation. I had already had Lyme several times and developed i-treatments against it based on hundreds of i-remedies., I also knew from my work on TB that if you can find out what the infection causes to go wrong at the beginning, it makes it much easier to eliminate it. So I started to test myself. I found that the borrelia b. was causing my immune system to collapse in several different ways.

Science does not properly understand the immune system, because it has a unity, an overall coherence (when healthy), which is determined by spirit (and ultimately by God). Once Lyme destroys this unity, the body starts to fragment, normally along the lines of the body's weaknesses and the Lyme takes over (everybody has different weaknesses - hence the different types of Lyme). Once I had learnt enough from my pulse testing about the ways it causes the immune system to collapse, I put my thumb into hot bleach and killed the spirochaetes (very satisfying). (Note they were not killed by my friend's anti-sceptic.)

Lyme is not really a bacteria, but a master parasite. It likes to take over and control you for its own benefit. And the ways it does this are so clever, that you have little chance of fighting back - until now. A doctor friend of mine once asked me what the symptoms of Lyme are. I hesitated, since there are so many. Then I said "It creates a state like living death, where you are alive, but you cannot live your life - you cannot do anything in the world,. It has somehow taken over your life and suppressed your vital, creative processes." And yet it is a parasite and so it keeps you alive! This is your opportunity to get the better of it, with my i-treatment, which reverses the different ways it causes the immune system to collapse, and then rebuilds your immune system.

Do You have Lyme Disease?

Not everybody knows if they have Lyme disease, and it can be difficult to tell from the symptoms, because it often mimics other diseases, as syphilis used too. If you are not sure, see the section on methods of testing.

The Way to Treat Lyme Disease

If you have Lyme disease, then yes you need a treatment for it. However, Lyme is hardly ever one disease, and it is a mistake to ignore the other infections. Typically you may have the following:

1. There is Lyme itself (borrelia sp.)

2. There are co-infections, such as Babesia, Bartonella, Mycoplasma, Ehrlishiosis. There may also be other co-infections in your area (eg Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever). So find out what the possible co-infections are in your area.

3. There may be other (chronic) infections which you had before you were infected with Lyme, such as Epstein Barr virus, strep or other viruses or bacterial infections.

4. Please note there are certain infections which make the Lyme much worse. For example, I have seen evidence that the chronic sore throat/mood virus, coxsackie A and B viruses or tuberculosis may each make Lyme much worse because they attack the thymus gland (just above the heart) which is the one part of the immune system Lyme does not affect too much. I rather suspect that HIV and syphilis also make Lyme significantly worse.

The point is that fighting Lyme without also fighting the other infections you have, is a bit like boxing with one hand tied behind your back. You need a strategy to fight all these infections. One approach is to fight off those which are easier to get rid of (such as viruses), so you can later focus on the harder ones such as Lyme

Strategy for Treating Lyme

There are several aspects of treating Lyme successfully:

1. If you know you have Lyme, it often makes sense to start treating it so that you start to reverse its damage to your immune system.

2. At the same time, you also need to get some tests done to find out what other infections you have. Basically you need to find out the nature of the enemy. As a scientist, I favour scientific testing. However, laboratory tests have their limitations for certain infections - see the section on Methods of Testing.

3. You also need to look carefully at your symptoms, and see whether you ought to take additional boosts. For example, some people get really overwhelmed by the Lyme in their brain, and so need a boost for that. (It is a rule of thumb that you cannot get rid of Lyme until you get it out of your brain and nervous system, which is possible using my methods and associated colloids.) 8% of people with Lyme get heart symptoms, so you may need a boost for that, or for your eyes, or digestive tract or joints, etc. I have many boosts available.

4. Once you know what other infections you have, then you need to get the i-treatments or other treatments to fight all the different infections. This can become quite complex, so you need a strategy.

5. Options then are:

a. Boost your immune system against all the infections in a rota.

b. Boost your immune system against say viruses or bacteria to get rid of some of the minor infections, so you can then stop taking their treatments.

c. Boost your immune system against Lyme and more difficult infections.

d. Some combination of these.

If you would like to discuss treatment strategy, I would be happy to do so.





"In 10 months I have gone from thinking I was going to die to functioning normally (ie running the Farm office).  You have saved my life.  
Thank you thank you thank you!!!"  
Suzie C.


















"Dr Ellis will work with you, just trust his in-ate ability to be able to get to the root of the cause, and believe that your body can and will get better.  Because with these you can.  Kind regards, and thanks as always."  Suzie C.


















"I have taken Dr Ellis's remedies myself with good results.  I have had two separate bites from deer ticks in the last two years and I consider that his remedies have helped me to remain free of Lyme disease (Borellia sp.)."  Signed Dr BN, GP retired.