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Chronic Lyme

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LMBox7-8 Lyme Boxes 7 & 8

Lyme Boxes 7 & 8

It is only necesary to get these, if you started with the minimum lyme treatment (LMBox1-6).  These two boxes, together with the first 6 boxes, for the standard lyme treatment.  Lyme Box 7 contains the treatment for Babesia and the effects of Lyme on the red blood cells.

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LMBox1-6 Minimum Lyme i-treatment

Minimum Lyme i-treatment

Minimum Lyme i-treatment.

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LMBox1-8 Standard Lyme i-treatment

Standard Lyme i-treatment

Standrad Lyme i-treatment of 8 boxes (aproximately 128 i-remedies).  Inclides i-treatment against Babesia.

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