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My i-remedies are quite effective against some types of bacteria (such as staph, strep, etc) even against some drug-resistant forms. However, there are complications caused by antibiotics, some of which are not recognised officially.

Bacteria are single-celled organisms which are larger and more complex than viruses. Bacteria in the right places can be helpful, for example in the digestive tract, where they help with digestion. However, in the wrong place, they may cause disease. Furthermore, there are bacteria which cause disease, wherever they are located - in the main, it is these which we are focussing on.

Bacteria can cause pus in cuts in the skin (staphylococcus), sore throat (streptococcus) or respiratory tract infections (strep, staph), or more serious infections such as gonorrhoea, syphilis or tuberculosis. The normal approach to treating bacterial infections is with antibiotics, and you are strongly advised to use or consider using antibiotics. However, antibiotics have several disadvantages.

Disadvantages of antibiotics

For example antibiotics can kill off or deplete the good bacteria in your digestive tract. Antibiotics can also have side effects, which occasionally are severe. Furthermore, antibiotics do not boost your immune system and sometimes may weaken it. So whilst a course of antibiotics may get rid of an infection, it may leave you depleted. Furthermore, antibiotics can cause the development of drug-resistant strains. Bacteria are good at sharing DNA, so that drug-resistant capabilities spread rapidly. In effect the fight between antibiotics and bacteria is a war zone, which we are currently loosing. My i-remedies can helpin this battle because they work in a completely different way.

Part of the problem is that bacteria are more complex than medicine recognises. For example, bacteria are living organisms and so they have their own life force (scientists reading this will dispute this, but there is evidence). The problem is that antibiotics only act on the physical (material) level (to kill bacteria). They do not work to eliminate the life force of the bacteria. As a result the life force can continue to suppress your immune system. For example, it is recognised in medicine that once you have had TB, even after it has been eliminated with drugs, you are more susceptible to catching it again. And indeed I found evidence in Thailand that the life force of the TB continues to suppress the immune system, after the mycobacteria have been eliminated by antibiotics. Hence the residual susceptibility. Thus antibiotics may only do part of the job.

Another problem, which has been known for 100 years, is that bacteria can change shape. Scientists who have studied this call them cell wall deficient (CWD) forms or L-form bacteria (see Cell Wall Deficient Forms, Third Edition: Stealth Pathogens, by Lida H Mattman, CRC Press, 2000). For example, some antibiotics (eg penicillin) attack the cell walls of bacteria. So some bacteria have learnt to shed their cell walls and live without them, often inside your cells! Antibiotics may also cause bacteria to change shape The problem is that the standard medical tests only detect the normal shapes of the bacteria, and not when they are in one of the other shapes (also called CWD). So a doctor can give you a course of antibiotics and tests can show that the bacteria have gone, when in fact they are in another form, not detected by the normal test! As a result there are drug-resistant strains which have different forms, often more like viruses.

A course in antibiotics may also result in problems from fungal infections such as candida. I suspect that this is because the original antibiotics were obtained from fungal sources (eg penicillin). I suspect that there is a balance between viruses, fungi and bacteria (eg in the microbiome) which is partly maintained by the immune system and partly by fungi emitting antibiotics naturally. So when antibiotics are prescribed, this balance breaks down and fungal infections can thrive.

Advantages of my i-remedies

Antibiotics save lives and you should not be deterred from using them. However my i-remedies and i-treatments have advantages which antibiotics do not have. So while my methods are not perfect, they have the following advantages:

1. They are non-toxic. They are made from patterns of the life force in water, and so do not cause side-effects.

2,. They are natural and work the way nature does to boost your immune system.

3. They do not kill your beneficial bacteria in your gut, and certain i-remedies can enhance the digestive tract.

4. They do not cause drug-resistant forms to develop, and in fact they can be used to treat drug-resistant forms, often effectively.

5. They can also be used after an infection has been successfully treatment by antibodies, to eliminate the life force and residual immune suppression of that infection, and boost your immune system against it.

6. They may be very helpful in preventing or eliminating drug resistant forms - I would be happy to cooperate with tests for this.



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