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Detoxification is very important in healing. However, there are two views on this. The broader view is that all negative patterns should be released and removed. So it is important to remove things which don't belong in the body, such as toxic chemicals, heavy metals such as mercury, lead, arsenic, and so on, or chemicals such as drugs, petrochemicals such as plastics, and so on. It is also important to remove bacteria, viruses, parasites, or other infections. Cleansing and detoxification of the disease was seen as the key principle of physic in Ancient Greece, and is still seen by many to be fundamental.

In fact it is a fundamental principle of nature, because sunlight shining on the earth's surface acts to purify the earth, by pumping entropy out into space (this will be discussed in more detail in the Knowledge Base). My remedies are based upon this system, because they are made with sunlight, and so they have detoxification built into them. In physics, "detoxification" has a slightly more precise definition. It is the elimination of negative patterns of disorder and chaos, and replacing them with corresponding ordered patterns. So it is not just about removing the things which don't belong in us, such as negative emotions, negative thoughts and negative vibrations, but is also important to bring in positive emotions, positive thoughts, love, light, and healthy nutrition. In fact it is even more important to bring in these positive energies, because these are the ones which create order and healing. In fact they create us.

So since detoxification is built into my system, and all my remedies are either removing something negative, or bringing in something positive to create order, I use a narrower definition of the word "detoxification". It is here used to mean stimulating the body to release toxic substances and energies, for example through the kidneys and other normal ways. The remedies below are complementary to other treatments to remove negative energies or substances, such as heavy metals. They help the body initiate and complete the cleansing process.



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CLNS1 Cleanse lower subtle bodies

Cleanse lower subtle bodies

CLNS1 Cleanse lower subtle bodies: This i-remedy cleanses the lower subtle bodies (etheric, emotional & mental) in your aura around you. It is a lovely remedy to take before or after a shower or bath.

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DTX3 Detox kidneys & cells

Detox kidneys & cells

DRX3 Detox of Kidneys & cells: The kidneys can get overloaded with toxins without you being aware of it Kidneys are in your back, and people tend not to be aware of them. This i-remedy helps the kidneys to release negative patterns and substances, and boost the cells in your kidneys. If you only get one detox i-remedy, this is the one to get. (NB It is in the Lyme i-treatment.)

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DTX2 Detox on physical levels

Detox on physical levels

p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 120%; } DTX2 Detox on physical levels: This i-remedy stimulates the release of negative energies and patterns from the physical levels, from your DNA up to your skin. (NB this is in the Lyme i-treatment.)  

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DTX1 Detox on spiritual levels

Detox on spiritual levels

p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 120%; } DTX1 Detox of spiritual levels: There is a tendency for consciousness to get into negative states and hold onto negative energies and patterns. This remedy switches most levels of spirit into the detox mode so that it lets go of these negative energies and patterns. This is quite an important i-remedy but you may not need many doses.  

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DTXSET Detox set

Detox set

Set of 5 detox remedies: DTX1,2,3; TX1; CLNS1

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TX1 Toxemia


TX1 Toxemia: When toxins build up in the body, they can cause toxemia. Toxins can be caused by bacteria, metabolic disturbances, and possibly by chemicals (e.g. food additives) in the diet. This i-remedy stimulates consciousness to remove many of these toxins. It is a bit more physical in its effects than the detox i-remedies, and complements them. It should be used in conjunction with DTX3 to help the kidneys remove the toxins from the body. If you only get 2 detox remedies, this c ould be the second. (It is in the Lyme i-treatment.)  

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