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Emotions and Love

Emotions and Love

This section contains remedies which release negative emotions, boost positive emotional states and bring in love – I mean the energy of love, which the early Christians called "agape". I will divide this into three parts, the first is about emotions in general, the second about love, and the third part is infections and emotions.

Emotions in General

Emotions can be both negative (destructive) and positive (constructive) - we will consider both types here. Emotions are creative energies which make things happen in your life and affect people around you. Negative emotions (such as anger, hatred, rage, despair, and less severe negative states) tend to be destructive and have negative effects in your life and on the people around you. Flower essences and gem elixirs just lend themselves to releasing and transforming negative emotions (e.g. the Bach flower essences). By making combination remedies for specific emotions, my remedies are much more powerful. Releasing negative emotions is always a good idea and is encouraged by the world's religions ( especially Christianity and Buddhism).

I also have remedies to stimulate positive emotional states, such as hope, joy and love. Love is not really an emotion, so I will discuss it below. You will have to experiment, but in my experience, it is difficult to graft positive emotional states onto negative ones (although sometimes positive remedies will help you be a bit less negative). It is better to release the negative states first, at least in part, before boosting the positive states. But there are exceptions to this. Hope is important for healing. Without hope, healing is difficult or impossible. And love can help strengthen your existence. However, it may push negative energies such as anger, to the surface – so release them.

Love (Agape)

The energy of love is the creative force of the Universe. When I started this work, I was the research scientist, up in the clouds, emotionally illiterate, the complete nerd. I did not understand emotions or love. However, I intuitively knew that getting rid of negative emotions and bringing in love was important. Quite early on, I realised that I could not get my scientific brain to know all things, and that the real truth lay in spirit and even more so in my heart. But the real breakthrough was the book by Jesus.

The book which explained so much to me is Love without end – Jesus speaks by Glenda Green. It seemed to leap off the bookshelf into my hands. Jesus manifested himself visually before Glenda in her studio so she could paint his portrait. (He came everyday, except Sundays, for three months.) This book is a record of their conversations, together with a copy of the portrait. He explains that love came first and interacted with itself to create spirit (the unified field), which interconnects all things. This created space-time, which is sort of understandable from the physics. He then explained that love interacted with spirit to create the adamantine particles (sub-quarks or 'particles of infinity'), which are the fundamental particles of matter (He says that we misuse the word 'atom'. The Ancient Greeks used the word 'atom' to denote 'adamantine particles' because these are the only truly indivisible particles of matter..)

Love is the creative force of the Universe, way above spirit. We actually exist in a dual world of matter and spirit.  Matter is finite and localized, whereas spirit (unified field) is infinite and interconnects everything.  We live in this dual world of matter and spirit, male and female, order and chaos, light and darkness. Love is above this duality.  It is the only thing which can bring together the infinite and the finite, and balance them.  Love is who you are.

Love is God and God is love. He says that love is thus the short way back to God, whilst spirit is the long way back, because the spiritual person tends to remain trapped in the duality. He actually says that if spiritual people put only a fraction of their efforts into love, as they do into their spiritual path, they would get much better results more quickly. Love is the creative force of the Universe, so you have to be a bit careful with it.

Emotions and Infections

It is my impression is that there is less connection between emotions and infections, but it does depend on the type of infection:

1. Viruses are drawn much more to negative thoughts and more or less ignore negative emotions - but there may be exceptions such as the chronic sore throat/mood virus.

2. Bacteria seem to be drawn to a broader range of negative energies, including negative emotions, than viruses. Certain infections are quite strongly linked to emotions.

3. Tuberculosis attacks the heart and throat area, and in the process a major imbalance between the mind (reason) and the emotions, often producing very changeable (labile) emotions. (Incidentally a few percent of families in the West have dormant TB, more in the hotter countries.) For example, a woman came to me who had caught TB. Previously she had been quite strong-minded and ran a group of 15 engineers. But the TB made her emotional and irrational and she lost her job. Lyme disease can do something similar. It is possible that some of the coxsackie viruses, in particular the mood virus, which attack the thymus just above the heart, may also do something similar. The solution is usually to take a suitable treatment for the infection and boost the immune system in the heart area and brain.

Remedies for negative emotions are not normally necessary (I think) for treating infections. However, Lyme disease can cause despair of recovery, which is treated in the standard treatment Also hope may be important. Also self-destructiveness, suicidal tendencies may need to be released. Also negative emotions which have a mental element.

The remedies for negative emotions are usually very effective.