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Love & Adamantine Particles

As I have already mentioned, adamantine particles are introduced by Jesus in his book Love without End: Jesus speaks (see Resources). These are the source particles of matter (ie sub-quarks) from which our bodies are made. He also calls them "particles of infinity". He says that adamantine particles "are the primary emanation points where energy and mass are the same." He explains that all of matter, neutrons, protons, electrons, and atoms such as hydrogen and oxygen, and all the material structures around us, are made of adamantine particles. They are the fundamental building blocks of physical existence, including your body, which activate, unify and give form to infinity.

He explains that science is still focussing on scarcity, whilst infinity is ignored as a "leftover", which indirectly we are trying to correct on this website. In fact, there is an infinite supply of adamantine particles created by God for the common use. The sharing of adamantine particles is the breath of life, as we exchange these particles through our existence. Inhaling them and exhaling them brings vital balance, which may have been disrupted by illness.

My first experience of adamantine particles was when I had just come back from Thailand where I had been exposed to disease. I was testing a new crystal elixir, and I could feel the adamantine particles streaming into me. This set me on course to make remedies which bring in adamantine particles. The real breakthrough occurred when I included love in these remedies.

Jeshua explains that love commands the adamantine particles. He says there is a higher type of magnetism in the heart, which attracts the adamantine particles, and by your love you command them. He gives an interesting example of a child's magnetic drawing board, which consists of iron filings covered by clear plastic. When you draw a magnetic pencil across, the filings respond to form the pattern you have traced. He then asks us to imagine that our heart is the magnet and our love is the pencil. He then says "You are literally impacting every aspect of your life by just being, being the love that you are. You are the magnet which writes upon the drawing board of your life. As you enter any situation, the adamantine particles inherent to it will adjust to the influence of your being. You don't have to dream up a grand plan and put it on the drawing board. You are the grand plan! All you have to do is be the love that you are. Everything will line up with that. The greater the love the greater the influence." So by increasing our love, we increase our influence.

He also explains that when there is a dispute, there are adamantine particles being argued over. However, adamantine particles respond to love, and so the person who loves them the most, will prevail. I once gave a few remedies (for love, love and adamantine particles, and to boost her immune system) to a friend who was being sued by her brother. She took them and a month later his lawyer informed her that he had dropped the suit. Was this coincidence, or had she won the dispute by loving the adamantine particles to herself? So loving your adamantine particles can be important for healing and moving forwards in life. "For adamantine particles are the river of life connecting Heaven and earth."

He also says that love is important for the immune system. It took a long time to understand this. I accepted what he said and began a long program of research using remedies with love to fight infection. They did not work! Love is too gentle, too kind and sharing. It cannot fight anything, let alone an aggressive virus or bacteria. Eventually I discovered that love is not important for fighting disease, but for defining your existence. Many infections challenge your existence and love plays a key role in redefining you so that you don't need the infection. Remedies for love are in many i-treatments as required.



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LAP1 Love & adamantine Particles

Love & adamantine Particles

This remedy increases your love to draw adamantine particles to you. In his book, Jeshua asks us to imagine a low-gravity room filled with ping-pong balls moving gently and chaotically, bouncing off the walls randomly and continuously. Each ball is laced with iron dust. When you enter the room wearing a magnetic vest, the ping-pong balls will be drawn to your chest, with chains of ping-pong balls forming, extending outwards according to the patterns of love you have introduced into the magnetic field. This remedy stimulates the patterns of love (and magnetism) in your heart to draw your adamantine particles to you. Some people may experience this, as described above, the first few times they take this i-remedy. After that the effect may be less noticeable, although it still occurs. This i-remedy helps to draw your adamantine particles to you, and so makes you more physical and alive. It can help when adamantine particles are drawn away from you by negativity or by disease. It can also help when adamantine particles are being disputed. After you have taken it for a bit, you will probably no longer need it every day. But it is useful to have around, so you can tune up your love and adamantine particles, especially to help with the vicissitudes of life. This i-remedy is specifically for love and adamantine particles, whilst those below also include spirit. So in a sense this remedy has the strongest love for adamantine particles.

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LAP2 Love, adamantine particles & Christline

Love, adamantine particles & Christline

In this remedy, love draws adamantine particles into your Christline, which is the level of will. It is in some ways similar to the previous remedy, except that it also connects spirit at the will level into your love and adamantine particles. Your Christline is a tube of spiritual energy which runs down in front of your spine, from above your head to below your feet (see glossary). In a sense you incarnate down your Christline, hence the name. Your Christline is also important for your immune system, although this remedy probably won't boost that much. Rather it will strengthen your love and adamantine particles at the level of your will. In this way it boosts your will to exist. It may help to align your will with God.

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LAP3 Love, adamantine particles and most levels of spirit

Love, adamantine particles and most levels of spirit

This remedy is a combination of combination remedies, which puts love into most levels of your spirit (up to your crown and higher self above, but excluding Christline), to draw adamantine particles to you. This remedy is similar to Love and most levels of spirit, except that the love it puts into the different levels of your spirit, draws adamantine particles to you as spirit . It therefore brings together love, spirit and adamantine particles, wh ich are the source of matter. So this remedy balances your personality in the matter of your body. Thus it helps boost your existence. It helps to draw back to you any adamantine particles which have been separated by negativity, disease or even disputes. It can be calming, soothing and centring. It contains the three things you are made of (love, spirit and adamantine particles) and so it brings in life itself. You may feel it most in your heart area, whilst extending outwards to your other levels of your being. After you have taken this for a while, you may want to take it occasionally to re-balance yourself as required.

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SH1 Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart

This remedy is not specifically for adamantine particles, but it takes you to your Sacred Heart, which is the centre of your being. Jeshua says "At the centre of your soul is your Sacred Heart. This is the point where you are one with God. The heart sees infinity within and without. It can behold perfection. And it can ascertain the origin of conditions and change them. Your heart is your higher intelligence. Your heart is centred in a viewpoint of infinity established by your Creator. Thus the heart honours your individuality, the oneness of God and the integrated unity of all that is." He says that whilst your Sacred Heart exists in a well-defined place in your body, the exact location varies from person to person. It is located between the spine and the physical heart, anywhere from an inch (2.5 cms) about your physical heart to three inches (7.6 cms) below. To find the entrance, he says that you should imagine you are facing your back and scan along your spine, as if looking for a doorway to a cave, which maybe very small or even sealed for some people. Do not however give up. Simple entry to your Sacred Heart is prayer. This remedy helps you to locate your Sacred Heart, but it may not enable you to enter. Jeshua explains "When your relationship to your heart is sentient and alive, it is the most natural place to be. But when it is forgotten and abandoned, certain difficulties will accumulate around the prospect of re-entry. The most critical issue is that the heart carries an imprint of your true character and the love that you are. Therefore, when you attempt to enter with false identities, spurious agendas, impure thoughts, or excess baggage of any kind, you may not present a workable entry key." So this remedy may help you to locate your Sacred Heart, but may not enable you to enter. However, with time and self-purification, possibly using remedies from this website, you should be able to enter in.  

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