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Love Energy - Agape

What is love? More is written about love than almost any other subject, so how can I do it justice? As a scientist, the correct approach is to turn to the expert in the field, in this case Jesus, who is the teacher of love. His book Love without end: Jesus speaks by Glenda Green (see Resources - books) explains love in great detail. The word "love" means many different things. There is romantic love, passionate love, chocolate boxes and roses kind of love, love your enemy love, love makes the world go round, all you need is love, and God is love. The kind of love which I am talking about here is the "energy" of love. (The early Christians called it agape.) So when I say "love" I mean "love energy".

In his book, Jesus says "Let's return to the truth and consider that you are love, that love is not an action, and not a commodity that you can give or trade. You can't leverage love, barter it or exchange it as a currency." So how can I put it into a bottle and sell it? Because God is love. He has created the Universe with love (as will become clear as we quote Jesus) and has put large amounts of it into certain minerals and crystals. This love energy can be transferred into water (as explained in the introduction). When you ingest this loving water, it brings the energy of love into you. In this way, God loves you above and beyond what you can imagine. This does not contradict Jesus, because he was talking about the love that you are personally, not this greater love in nature.

Love is found in nature, a bit like a magnetic field. Love is expressed as the affinity in minerals, the essence of flowers, and the affection of animals and humans. The largest concentrations of love are found in certain minerals and crystals (such as rose quartz, ruby and emerald), even in quite small pieces. This energy of love can be imprinted into water using sunlight. How and why I don't know. It is just a fact. My remedies for love are combinations of these different love essences, to bring out a particular aspect of love. When you take a few drops, on or under your tongue, you increase the amount of love (energy) in you! So you can fill yourself with love.

When you have more love in you, you can give and receive more easily. Love is healing. Love stabilises your existence. Love helps you to get along with other people. Love is magnetic. It may bring to you your heart's desire. But remember it is the creative force of the Universe. The owner of a local health food shop jokes that his son owes his existence to one of my remedies for love! So use this energy of love wisely.



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LV4 Spontaneous Love

Spontaneous Love

God is spontaneous and God is love. So this remedy is a doubly Godly. It helps put love instantly to where it is needed, whether inside your body or outside. It is a special remedy.

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LV8 Love, Hope, Joy and Ecstasy

Love, Hope, Joy and Ecstasy

This remedy is a combination of combinations. It is made from the four energies of love, hope, joy and ecstasy. These positive qualities enhance each other, so this remedy is especially positive. However, if you are in a negative state, this remedy alone may not solve the problem, although it may help move you upwards a bit. It will give the best results when other remedies are used to release the negative state. Then as the negativity is released, it will help you be more and more positive. The more positive you are, the less the negativity can cling to you.

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LV2 Love on physical levels

Love on physical levels

This remedy is a combination of combinations.  It brings love into various physical levels from you DNA to your skin.  Love is who you are.  By bringing love into various physical levels of your body, this remedy helps you to love yourself into physical existence.  It is possible it may push out negative patterns which block your existence.  For most people the blockages between you and your physical body are likely to be small, and so any healing reactions will be mild or unnoticeable (if not see Limitations).  You may feel warm healing glows as you bring more love energy into your body.

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LV1 Love on most levels of spirit

Love on most levels of spirit

This remedy is a combination of combinations. It puts love into most levels of your spirit (see glossary), and in so doing your whole personality lights up. Some years ago I was at a mind body spirit Festival and I started to offer people a dose of this remedy. I said "Would you like a dose of free love?" This produced reactions from giggles to shock-horror, get me out of here. I gave away 450 doses of this remedy. People would take it and 30 seconds later, their eyes would light up and their mood improve. One woman was so happy she painted a card to thank me and sent her son round with it the next day. Some people think that love is in the heart, and whilst there is a lot of love there, love can be put into all the levels of the spirit. Love and spirit are different. This i-remedy puts love into the centre of your personality and produces a benign sense of well-being.

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LV5 Love of Peace

Love of Peace

You create what you love. This remedy helps create inner peace, and hence peace in the world around you. By creating inner peace, it may help stimulate healing. It will also help you play your part in bringing peace into the world, which is so needed at this time.

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LV7 Love into Christline

Love into Christline

The remedy puts love into your Christline, which is the tube of energy in front of the spine, which is the level of your will. It thus brings love into your will. I have noticed that this remedy helps release negative energy which ties you to an enemy – this may be someone who is close to you. Releasing negative energies at the level of the Christline may be difficult for a few people, in which case remedies for negative thoughts, emotions and karma may be helpful. This remedy is important because it can be so helpful in helping you to love your enemy.

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LV3 Force of love

Force of love

This remedy brings the energy of love into your heart centre, then into your physical heart, down into your circulation and red blood cells. This energy of love coming through the heart, is almost like the life force – hence the name. I use this i-remedy to bring in more vital force into the heart and down in to the circulation. There is no specific sign or symptom that I need to take a dose of this. However, some clues are: you might feel an imbalance in the heart area; there might be a sense of lack, or even a sense of deficiency; there may even be a slight ache as your heart tries to draw in more love energy but can't get it; or after you have done a lot of healing, your heart may need to draw in this energy. (Please note that this is not meant to treat heart disease. So if you have the slightest suspicions of heart disease, such as pain, you should see a properly qualified health professional.) There is a breathe of life, and I like to think that this remedy helps to bring this in, at least into the heart and circulation.    

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LV6 Brotherhood of Love