The Science and Art of Healing with
Flower Gem Combination Essences

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Negative Emotions

Negative emotions tend to be destructive.  It is almost always a good idea to release them.

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NEM1 Anger


Helps to release anger.  This is usually effective.  Note that remedies for love and/or the heart can sometimes bring anger to the surface - this will help to release it.

NEM2 Anxiety


This helps release anxiety.  Please not, anxiety is is a clue for medical preofessionals that you may have a  heart condition.  So if you have anxiety you should get yoursewlf tested for any heart conditions, before taking this i-remedy.  The point is that by releasing the anxiety, it could mask an important clue.

NEM3 Despair on spiritual levels

Despair on spiritual levels

Helps to release depression and despair.  Useful i-remedy.

NEM4 Fears


Helps release fears in general.  Remedies for specific fears maybe available.  Fears tend to be linked to a lack of love.

NEM5 Hatred


Helps release hatred.  Hatred can be hidden.  You can even have hatred for part of your body.  I rather think most people should have this remedy, even if they need only a few doses, because hatred is such a negative, destructive energy.  I suspect it is linked to a lack of love.

NEM6 Hastred of Others

Hastred of Others

This remedy helps release hatred of other people who have offended you.  Again this is an important remedy, and if you have problems with anybody who upsets you deeply, you should think to take this.  It has more of a mental component than the remedy for 'hatred' and so may be needed with rrmedies for negative thoughts.  If you suffer from hatred of men, or hatred of women, you may need additioal remedies.

NEM7 Stress


Helps release stress.  But I suspect that it is better at releasing inner stress, than stress in your outer life.

NEM8 Suicidal thoughts

Suicidal thoughts

Helps release suicidal thoughts on spiritual levels.  Seak professional help if the problem is more physical.