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Triune Energy

Triune Energy (Love, spirit and adamantine particles)

Triune energy is a form of Christ energy but on a lower level.

In his book Love without End, Jesus says we are made of three things: love, spirit and adamantine particles. Having made remedies for love and adamantine particles, I thought it would be a good idea to incorporate spirit as well, so as to make remedies to help create life itself, or at least to assist in that process if it is possible. These remedies contain love, most levels of spirit and adamantine particles.

At first I thought these remedies might have Christ Energy in them – that was my hope. But I came to realise that these three-fold energies are on lower levels than the healing powers of Jesus. However, they are important because they contain the three components which create us (love, spirit and adamantine particles) and so I call them "triune energy" remedies, with his blessing.

The remedies for love in the previous section above, contain pure love which stabilises existence. The remedies for Love and Adamantine particles, draw adamantine particles to you with love. The triune energy remedies contain love, spirit and adamantine particles and so they are structuring, more creative and healing. They bring the three-fold energy of existence into you to stabilise you, rebuild and heal you. Love is the potential, triune energy is the actualisation.

These remedies have a softness to them because of love. They also have a structuring effect because of spirit. They help to create a new balance between love and spirit (which is quite difficult to do). These are the creative forces of the Universe, and so this balance is important. In a sense they contain little bits of life itself.



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TE1 Triune Energy on Physical Levels

Triune Energy on Physical Levels

This is a combination of combinations, a bit like the remedy for Love on Physical Levels, except that it brings triune energy into various levels from your DNA up to your skin. This remedy brings a bit of life itself into your body. It actualises existence on several physical levels, and so creates powerful healing.

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TE2 Triune Energy and Endocrine System

Triune Energy and Endocrine System

This remedy is one of the components of the previous remedy. It brings triune energy into your endocrine (ie glandular) system. Quite a lot of your your consciousness comes into your gland s (pineal, pituitary, thyroid, thymus and other s ) to control and build your body. This remedy brings a bit of life itself into your glands to balance and enliven them.

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TE3 Triune Energy and Tissue Regeneration

Triune Energy and Tissue Regeneration

This remedy brings triune energy into your body to stimulate regeneration of tissues, in a general sense. It focusses your triune energy to actualise healing (additional work may need to be done to achieve physical results). This remedy is important because it sets in motion the healing process.

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TE4 Triune Energy and Unification II

Triune Energy and Unification II

Unification here means "unity" and "wholeness". This remedy brings in triune energy to unify you and make you whole. This is important because unity is a fundamental principle of nature. There is one un i fied field, one earth, one humanity and one life, and for those who believe in God, there is one God behind all this unity of creation. All living organisms possess a unity., a wholeness. If you take one apart to see how it works, it will die on you before it yields its ultimate secret, because unity is its secret. Triune energy is the unified form of love, spirit and adamantine particles, and so by focussing this to bring unity into you, it helps to unify you internally, and externally with the rest of creation. It may help you make important connections in life and can help with finances. This is an important healing remedy.

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TE5 Triune Energy and 6th to 12th Centres.

Triune Energy and 6th to 12th Centres.

This remedy link s the energy centres above your head with triune energy. These higher energy centres are important because they help you line up and regulate your lower self (from your crown downwards). These are the energy centres for your higher self (above your head). People who meditate often access these centres, which bring in higher states of consciousness. ( Note that Jeshua says going up through spirit is the long way back to God – the short cut is through the heart. Never the less, these higher energies are useful. ) This remedy helps one to bring in these higher energies in a balanced and connected way. It does this, not just because it contains triune energy, but also because it activates your 6 th and 7 th (brow and crown) centres, and so brings your higher self down into your lower self. In this way, your higher self is connected into your lower self and can better balance and regulate you. This higher energy can help give you some resilience to the shocks of life (even from infections) , because it enables you to oversee yourself from this higher level.

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TE6 Triune Energy Blockages

Triune Energy Blockages

This remedy helps overcome blockages which stop triune energy coming into your body, or parts thereof . Thus this remedy contains a penetrating form of triune energy (see also Triune Energy Blockages and Immune System ), w hich helps triune energy spread through your body. This is a good thing because it is your life, your existence coming into you. The main difficulty is that such blockages tend to be negative energies, which can cause healing reactions when they come to the surface ( see Limitations). This process of releasing negative patterns and bringing in positive energies, is important. It is the basis for healing. .

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TE7 Triune Energy and Hope

Triune Energy and Hope

Hope is important because it makes it possible for you to create a more positive, healthier future for yourself. Without hope, healing is very difficult, even impossible. This remedy is more powerful than the other one for Hope (see Positive Emotions), because it brings in triune energy to actualise hope. This enables triune energy to penetrate into parts of the body it had little hope of entering. It can produce warm healing glows in such areas.

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TE8 Triune Energy and 3rd, 4th and 5th Centres

Triune Energy and 3rd, 4th and 5th Centres

Your 4 th centre is your heart centre, which brings in love, and plays a key role in balancing you. Your 3 rd centre is located approximately at your navel, and brings in lower mental (emotional) energy for your upper abdomen (pancreas). Your 5 th or throat centre is a higher mental (abstract) , more spiritual energy for your thyroid. If either of these centres is unbalanced or separated from your heart centre, it makes if difficult for your heart to balance you. This remedy brings triune energy into these three centres, which helps bind them together, and helps your heart to balance you.

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TE9 Triune Energy, Brain and DNA

Triune Energy, Brain and DNA

This remedy brings triune energy into the DNA in your brain, and so helps you switch your brain into a more positive, constructive mode (see remedies for negative thoughts). The brain is a very logical device. If it is given a negative input, it will give a negative output (unless you stop it), whereas if it is given a positive input, it will give a positive output. This dual (binary) mode of operation of the brain is why we get involved in disputes about matter and spirit, good and evil, and so on. However, sometimes the brain tends to be in a negative destructive state most of the time. This is not good because not only will it interfere with your relations with other people, but it can block healing, and may even work to damage or deconstruct your body. The brain plays a key role in healing the body, which it can't do in a negative state. Sometimes, when people are in that state, they may also tend to hurt the ones they love. This remedy brings triune energy into the DNA in the brain to switch it into a positive, constructive healing mode. This remedy could be useful to take with or after remedies for negative thoughts.

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