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Adamantine particles This is a phrase introduced by Jesus, and means the most fundamental elementary particles (sub-quarks) which are indivisible. He says that we misuse the word "atom", because our atoms are divisible. The Ancient Greek word "atom" actually referred to these sub-quarks (not yet discovered by physicists) which are fundamental and indivisible. "Adamant" refers to the hardness of diamond. He says these adamantine particles respond to love.

Quantum Entropathy (QEP): means mind-over-matter healing of entropy (i.e. randomness) which is associated with disease.

Entropy: This is a measure of randomness in physics. It tends to increase with time (see second law of thermodynamics). One problem is that living organisms are not random. They are very complex and highly organized (when healthy). The reason for this is that, unknown to physics, there are processes in nature which create order out of chaos. These are the processes of life. Life is a fundamental principle of nature.

Living Physics: This is the new physics which incorporates life, as a fundamental principle of nature.

Negentropy: The technical term in physics for “order”, i.e. negative entropy. It is unfortunate that entropy has been wrongly defined, so that its opposite, which is positive, ends up carrying a negative name.

Quantum mechanics: This is the mathematical theory of atomic processes. It is extremely precise. However, it defies common sense and has led to philosophical discussions ever since (e.g. Schrödinger's cat). It is in fact the first step in physicists discovering how consciousness controls atomic processes, and is the basis for mind-over-matter healing presented here.

Quarks:: Sub-atomic particles from which matter is made. Protons and neutrons each contain 3 quarks. There are 6 types of quarks and it seems highly likely that they are made of simpler particles, such as the adamantine particles.

Second law of thermodynamics: This is the law that entropy (randomness) always increases (and which life seems to defy). Basically everything rusts, rots, corrodes, decays, is destroyed by moth, etc. This is the evidence for the second law. If a polished table is scratched, it will remain scratched until someone deli9berately polishes it out. However, if you scratch your hand, provided you keep the cut clean, it will heal naturally. Why?

String theory: is a theory of physics which has 26 dimensions. There is no evidence that this theory is correct, and it is almost certainly wrong. However, physicists find it utterly compelling. It is similar to Christian neo-Platonism.

Christian Neo-Platonism: Plato taught that there is the One, who is perfect and above all. The One gives out emanations, which then create reality on the next level down, which in turn give out lower levels energies and create the level below that, and so on down to us. Early Christians realised that the “One” is God, and modified this philosophy accordingly, and it became the official philosophy of the Christian Church from the 2nd century AD and has never been repealed. String theory is very similar, except that the “One” is the unified field.

Unified Field: is the field which is the source of all the forces of nature, and which interconnects everything. Jesus says in one of his books, that this is spirit.

Water: is the matrix of life. Water has extraordinary properties (see my essay on water), even scientist agree about this. The problem is that it shows effects which are outside the scientific box, some of which my i-remedies exploit.