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PEM3 Addictions


This remedy helps to release addictions.  I am not quite sure why it has crept in here, but it helps to release negative energies you may be addicted too, so that you become more positive.  If you want a more powwerful treatment, see the addictions set.

NEM1 Anger


Helps to release anger.  This is usually effective.  Note that remedies for love and/or the heart can sometimes bring anger to the surface - this will help to release it.

NEM2 Anxiety


This helps release anxiety.  Please not, anxiety is is a clue for medical preofessionals that you may have a  heart condition.  So if you have anxiety you should get yoursewlf tested for any heart conditions, before taking this i-remedy.  The point is that by releasing the anxiety, it could mask an important clue.

BRTBox1 Bartonella i-treatment

Bartonella i-treatment

Stanard i-treatmnent against Bartonella.  It will also hel;p against common bacteria.  A boost is available.

CXSBox1-3 Basic Coxsackie virus i-treatment

Basic Coxsackie virus i-treatment

The i-treatment for Coxsackie viruses consists of these three boxes (45 i-remedies) plus the boosts for Coxsackie A and/or B viruses.  So you need to know whether or not you have Coxasckie A and/or B viruses.  If you also have the Mood virus, this treatment should be effective, since these three boxes are currently the same as those for the Mood virus.  Don't forget to order the boosts for Coxasackie A and/or B viruses if required.

CXSBoostA Boost for Coxsackie A viruses

Boost for Coxsackie A viruses

Boosts the basic Coxsackie virus i-treatment to against Coxsackie A viruses.  This boosts includes 10 i-remedies.

CXSBoostB Boost for Coxsackie B viruses

Boost for Coxsackie B viruses

Boosts the basic Coxsackie virus i-treatment to against Coxsackie B viruses.  This boost includes 5 i-remedies.

LV6 Brotherhood of Love

Brotherhood of Love

The Chinese have a saying that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. This remedy helps you take the first few steps. Internally it helps your cells feel brotherly love for each other, and so stimulate healing. Externally its effects may be less impressive, but it is taking you in the right direction.

BRNT1-2 Burn out

Burn out


CKGBox1-2 Chikungunya virus (CKG)

Chikungunya virus (CKG)

The chikungunya virus tends to occur in South America, Africa and Asia, and is not that common in the UK.  This is therefore a prototype treatment which has not been widely tested.

CFS1-3 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Boost (CFS)

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Boost (CFS)


CLNS1 Cleanse lower subtle bodies

Cleanse lower subtle bodies

CLNS1 Cleanse lower subtle bodies: This i-remedy cleanses the lower subtle bodies (etheric, emotional & mental) in your aura around you. It is a lovely remedy to take before or after a shower or bath.

CMBox1-4 Cytomegalo virus i-treatment

Cytomegalo virus i-treatment


NEM3 Despair on spiritual levels

Despair on spiritual levels

Helps to release depression and despair.  Useful i-remedy.

DTX3 Detox kidneys & cells

Detox kidneys & cells

DRX3 Detox of Kidneys & cells: The kidneys can get overloaded with toxins without you being aware of it Kidneys are in your back, and people tend not to be aware of them. This i-remedy helps the kidneys to release negative patterns and substances, and boost the cells in your kidneys. If you only get one detox i-remedy, this is the one to get. (NB It is in the Lyme i-treatment.)

DTX2 Detox on physical levels

Detox on physical levels

p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 120%; } DTX2 Detox on physical levels: This i-remedy stimulates the release of negative energies and patterns from the physical levels, from your DNA up to your skin. (NB this is in the Lyme i-treatment.)  

DTX1 Detox on spiritual levels

Detox on spiritual levels

p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 120%; } DTX1 Detox of spiritual levels: There is a tendency for consciousness to get into negative states and hold onto negative energies and patterns. This remedy switches most levels of spirit into the detox mode so that it lets go of these negative energies and patterns. This is quite an important i-remedy but you may not need many doses.  

DTXSET Detox set

Detox set

Set of 5 detox remedies: DTX1,2,3; TX1; CLNS1

EBox1-2 EBV basic treatment

EBV basic treatment


EBox3D EBV Boost

EBV Boost