The Science and Art of Healing with
Flower Gem Combination Essences

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The living waters presented on this website provide gentle healing. They are not intended to treat disease, nor to diagnose or prevent disease. They should however raise your states of consciousness and help you be more positive (other factors being taken into account).  Please read the disclaimer.

i-Remedies and Healing Reactions
Healing is about releasing the negative patterns (negative thoughts or emotions) and bringing in the positive patterns of love and light. As you bring in the positive, you may push negative patterns to the surface. Such healing reactions do not occur often, but if they do, they tend to be most noticeable with the first few doses of a new i-remedy. Often the effects are very mild, and you may just feel a bit tired as the essence works – if so don't drive or do anything which requires your full attention. Occasionally someone may feel a bit nauseous. This usually occurs if negative energy has not been properly pushed out and curves round to cause the feeling of nausea. Usually a bath or shower will clear this. There is a remedy for cleansing which can help this.

If stronger healing reactions occur, then it is best to stop taking the remedy which caused the reaction, at least for a while. You may also be able to release the negative energy with one or more of my remedies for negative energies (thoughts, emotions etc). If the negative energies are still a problem, then either you should see a qualified health professional near you to help release the negativity. Or you may want to wait until the symptoms have been released naturally. Either way, it is probably best not to take the remedy which caused this reaction, until you feel more comfortable. This process of bringing in the positive and pushing out the negative, is the basic cycle of healing, and so whilst my living waters are very gentle, it is something which may occur.

Everybody is different and so you may react differently than other people to these living waters.

i-Treatments and Healing Reactions
i-treatments which boost the immune system do not normally produce significant healing reactions.  However, the following are possible:
1.    When your immune system gets stronger, it starts to fight the infection.  Sometimes this can make you feel tired (as it works) and so it is best to rest for a bit.  If you have chronic fatigue, then you may have a day or so feeling extra tired, as the fatigue is pushed out.
2.    Sometimes people get symptoms of the acute infection, as it comes out.  If this happens, keep taking the i-treatment, and even intensify it to get rid of the infection completely.  Do not do what young man did when he started to get the symptoms of EBV coming out (e.g. mono or glandular fever).  He went to see his doctor who said "You have acute mono".  So he stopped taking the i-treatment and the EBV sank back into him and became chronic again!  Don't let this happen.  Keep taking the treatment until it has gone completely.

Mind-Over-Matter Healing
The mind plays a key role in healing.  In the above example, the young man was very sceptical, and he probably sabotaged the treatment subconsciously.  Viruses hide in negative thoughts, and will use them (your thoughts) against you to stop you healing yourself.  Really.  I have seen this a number of times.

For example, one woman heard a voice in her head, telling her to stop taking the remedies.  However, she knew on a higher level that the i-treatment was helping her and so continued to take it.  After 21 days, the voice faded and the virus left her!  Someone else had a similar experience.  Fortunately these people knew in their spirit that they were doing the right thing, and so persisted and got rid of the infection.

People who are too "rational" (i.e. lower level reasoning, materialism) may have trouble with this approach, especially if they are too negative.  It helps if you can guide yourself from your heart or higher levels of your mind (i.e. above your head or spirit) and over-rule your brain if necessary.


Other infections can affect your brain and thought process.  Lyme is particularly powerful in this way.  It often affects your emotions and will too.  It can even make you despair of recovery.  So you have to be really tough and determined in your soul, to fight it through until it has gone.  Results may vary.