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Introduction to Living Waters - Welcome

Living waters are waters which are alive. They contain love and light (Holy Spirit) and order, to heal disease. They contain the essence of life itself. They came about as follows.

About 30 years ago, I asked myself "How would you heal yourself naturally"? You might want to think about this for a bit. In my case, I am a research physicist, and so I decided to apply advanced physics to all kinds of natural healing systems. So I investigated herbs and nutrition, but I also looked into physics for insight and guidance. I knew some papers about the physics of life and the food chain, which are not well-known to most physicists. I also come from a country family in Southern England where there are healing traditions, so there is also a big input from nature and the old way of life in the country. In fact this work is a new synthesis of many different things, and so a bit difficult to explain all in one go. I will start with the physics.

I started by applying known physics of life to natural systems of healing, and this has taken me into another world. It has opened up new physics of life as a fundamental principle of nature, and a new system of healing which is both natural and "scientific" at the same time. The ideas, both left and right brain, are interesting in their own right and will be presented (in due course) in the Knowledge Base. The physics provides a framework for the advanced concepts needed for healing, and it gives my work more precision than other systems.

Some of the basic ideas are as follows: The Universe is alive; Life is a fundamental principle of nature; There is a flow of energy from the sun to the earth, which purifies the earth. It creates order out of chaos, and starts the food chain. In the process of sunlight shining on the earth's surface, it pumps randomness out into space and living information is created, which passes through the food chain to you and other living organisms. This living information is highly ordered and carries consciousness. Consciousness causes sub-atomic processes in quantum physics, and is the basis for mind-over-matter or quantum healing.

My i-remedies are made from sunlight, flowers, crystals and water, and contain this living information – hence the name i-remedies. They are very highly organised states (ie patterns of regulated vibrations) of water maintained by consciousness. They are alive and made of water, so they are living waters. When you ingest them, they bring this flow of energy, of living information from the sun into yourself, and so you become more alive and in harmony with nature. Apart from the food we eat, much of which is processed and chemicalized, most people are cut off from the wide spectrum of patterns of energy which come from the sun.

Living organisms are very very highly organised. This is a scientific fact, but scientists do not understand what creates this order. In fact there are processes in nature, unknown to science (but utilised by my remedies), which create order out of chaos. Disease is a breakdown in this process. Thus disease is associated with randomness, and negative states of the emotions and mind. Healing is the process of stimulating the creation of order out of chaos, which can be done with love and consciousness.

Science does not understand consciousness. However, it is there in nature, in flowers and crystals, and can be transferred into water as follows. If one puts a flower or crystal into pure water and place it in sunlight, usually all day, then its consciousness will be imprinted into the water. One then removes the flower or crystal, filters it and bottles it (with brandy as a preservative for the flower essences). This basic essence is the first step in making one of my i-remedies.

These basic essences tend to do many different things in an unfocused, scattered and weak sort of a way (a bit like buck shot, to use a crude analogy). I combine together a number of these basic essences. to make a new state of consciousness which is more focused and direct and so more powerful (a bit like a rifle bullet or a laser). So my living waters are combinations of these basic essences. Some of my living waters are combinations of combinations of basic essences. These usually put focussed energies into a number of different areas (eg spiritual or physical levels), so that they retain their focused power, and are broader in their action. Some have been dimensionalised so they work on different dimensions (eg predicted by string theory in physics).

Quantum healing is healing with consciousness, supplied by these living waters. There are different types of consciousness (eg love and spirit). There are different states of consciousness (eg fear or joy), and different levels of consciousness (eg different dimensions). So there are many different states of consciousness, each of which work to do different things. For example some states stabilise your existence (eg love), others help regulate functions in your body (eg immune system), others release negative energies (eg hatred), others help you be more positive (eg impart hope).

As a physicist, I did not know much about love, and so I was fascinated when I found books by Jeshua, the teacher of love, and these stimulated me to make many such living waters. I give some information about these and links to sites where you can get these books. This is a new science and a new system of healing. Some of the words and phrases I use are unusual, and so I explain these in the glossary.

The living waters presented on this website are ones which I and my friends turn to again and again to help us through life.