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Love & adamantine Particles


This remedy increases your love to draw adamantine particles to you. In his book, Jeshua asks us to imagine a low-gravity room filled with ping-pong balls moving gently and chaotically, bouncing off the walls randomly and continuously. Each ball is laced with iron dust. When you enter the room wearing a magnetic vest, the ping-pong balls will be drawn to your chest, with chains of ping-pong balls forming, extending outwards according to the patterns of love you have introduced into the magnetic field.

This remedy stimulates the patterns of love (and magnetism) in your heart to draw your adamantine particles to you. Some people may experience this, as described above, the first few times they take this i-remedy. After that the effect may be less noticeable, although it still occurs.

This i-remedy helps to draw your adamantine particles to you, and so makes you more physical and alive. It can help when adamantine particles are drawn away from you by negativity or by disease. It can also help when adamantine particles are being disputed. After you have taken it for a bit, you will probably no longer need it every day. But it is useful to have around, so you can tune up your love and adamantine particles, especially to help with the vicissitudes of life.

This i-remedy is specifically for love and adamantine particles, whilst those below also include spirit. So in a sense this remedy has the strongest love for adamantine particles.

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