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Love, adamantine particles and most levels of spirit


This remedy is a combination of combination remedies, which puts love into most levels of your spirit (up to your crown and higher self above, but excluding Christline), to draw adamantine particles to you. This remedy is similar to Love and most levels of spirit, except that the love it puts into the different levels of your spirit, draws adamantine particles to you as spirit. It therefore brings together love, spirit and adamantine particles, which are the source of matter. So this remedy balances your personality in the matter of your body. Thus it helps boost your existence.

It helps to draw back to you any adamantine particles which have been separated by negativity, disease or even disputes. It can be calming, soothing and centring. It contains the three things you are made of (love, spirit and adamantine particles) and so it brings in life itself. You may feel it most in your heart area, whilst extending outwards to your other levels of your being. After you have taken this for a while, you may want to take it occasionally to re-balance yourself as required.

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