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Force of love


This remedy brings the energy of love into your heart centre, then into your physical heart, down into your circulation and red blood cells. This energy of love coming through the heart, is almost like the life force – hence the name. I use this i-remedy to bring in more vital force into the heart and down in to the circulation.

There is no specific sign or symptom that I need to take a dose of this. However, some clues are: you might feel an imbalance in the heart area; there might be a sense of lack, or even a sense of deficiency; there may even be a slight ache as your heart tries to draw in more love energy but can't get it; or after you have done a lot of healing, your heart may need to draw in this energy. (Please note that this is not meant to treat heart disease. So if you have the slightest suspicions of heart disease, such as pain, you should see a properly qualified health professional.) There is a breathe of life, and I like to think that this remedy helps to bring this in, at least into the heart and circulation.



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