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Flower Gem Combination Essences

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Love on most levels of spirit


This remedy is a combination of combinations. It puts love into most levels of your spirit (see glossary), and in so doing your whole personality lights up. Some years ago I was at a mind body spirit Festival and I started to offer people a dose of this remedy. I said "Would you like a dose of free love?" This produced reactions from giggles to shock-horror, get me out of here. I gave away 450 doses of this remedy. People would take it and 30 seconds later, their eyes would light up and their mood improve. One woman was so happy she painted a card to thank me and sent her son round with it the next day. Some people think that love is in the heart, and whilst there is a lot of love there, love can be put into all the levels of the spirit. Love and spirit are different. This i-remedy puts love into the centre of your personality and produces a benign sense of well-being.

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