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Triune Energy and 6th to 12th Centres.


This remedy links the energy centres above your head with triune energy. These higher energy centres are important because they help you line up and regulate your lower self (from your crown downwards). These are the energy centres for your higher self (above your head). People who meditate often access these centres, which bring in higher states of consciousness. (Note that Jeshua says going up through spirit is the long way back to God – the short cut is through the heart. Never the less, these higher energies are useful.) This remedy helps one to bring in these higher energies in a balanced and connected way. It does this, not just because it contains triune energy, but also because it activates your 6th and 7th (brow and crown) centres, and so brings your higher self down into your lower self. In this way, your higher self is connected into your lower self and can better balance and regulate you. This higher energy can help give you some resilience to the shocks of life (even from infections), because it enables you to oversee yourself from this higher level.

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