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Triune Energy, Brain and DNA


This remedy brings triune energy into the DNA in your brain, and so helps you switch your brain into a more positive, constructive mode (see remedies for negative thoughts). The brain is a very logical device. If it is given a negative input, it will give a negative output (unless you stop it), whereas if it is given a positive input, it will give a positive output. This dual (binary) mode of operation of the brain is why we get involved in disputes about matter and spirit, good and evil, and so on. However, sometimes the brain tends to be in a negative destructive state most of the time.

This is not good because not only will it interfere with your relations with other people, but it can block healing, and may even work to damage or deconstruct your body. The brain plays a key role in healing the body, which it can't do in a negative state. Sometimes, when people are in that state, they may also tend to hurt the ones they love. This remedy brings triune energy into the DNA in the brain to switch it into a positive, constructive healing mode. This remedy could be useful to take with or after remedies for negative thoughts.

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