The Science and Art of Healing with
Flower Gem Combination Essences

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This website and products therein are not intended to treat, prevent, cure or diagnose disease. The products consist of 99.9% pure water (with traces of brandy), and water cannot fight disease. Their purpose is to provide healing which is very different, as we shall see.

This system has been developed outside the materialistic, rational, logical, scientific framework of Western thought. Aristotle said "Physics is based upon fact, and is not the truth. Metaphysics is the real truth, but cannot be proven." This system is based upon very advanced physics (e.g. quantum mechanics, string theory), which has started to penetrate and throw light upon consciousness, the life force and other aspects normally considered metaphysics.

These products have not been tested in the scientific way. There are no double blind studies. Furthermore, it would not be easy to construct these because in this system, everybody is different, and so it would be difficult to find a statistically compatible sample (cohort). However, they have healing (as opposed to cur*ng) properties.

These products have not been developed nor tested upon animals. Instead they have been tested upon myself, family and friends. However, when they have been given to animals, the results have often been good, and sometimes spectacular (see the article on animals). This is not the placebo effect because+ the animals could not know that these living waters were intended to heal them.

These products are not intended for cur*ng but for healing. I do not sell cur*s but healing. These two things are completely different. Cur*ng focusses on the dead material side of the Universe, whilst healing focusses on the living consciousness side (which science denies). Cur*ng is all about forcing the symptoms to go away (e.g. with drugs, radiation and surgery). Healing is about releasing and transforming the negative states of consciousness, and boosting the positive ones, so that the person starts to create a more positive, healthier reality for themselves. The two approaches are quite different.

Cur*ng is something done to a patient, normally with a specific outcome intended. Healing is something done to themselves as their consciousness shifts, and is normally step-by-step process of gradually correcting the defective states of consciousness. My i-remedies and i-treatments contain liquid consciousness, and so help people shift their consciousness in a positive direction. Everybody is different, so people have different starting points and different issues to deal with along the way. So healing is part of the self-improvement movement, in which everyone has to take responsibility for their problems and for their solution. Results may vary.

The person who buys these products does so on this basis.