The Science and Art of Healing with
Flower Gem Combination Essences

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Shipping & Returns

Conditions of Sale

Orders and Payments

1. Orders are made by completing the checkout procedure on this website and making the payment via the PayPal secure server. Alternative methods of payment are possible - contact us.

2. Prices are subject to change without notice. Current prices will be posted on the web site.


1.  We will normally ship your i-treatment within two working days of receipt of your payment. However, there are practical circumstances (for example I am out of bottles) where there may be delays of a few days, and rarely up to a week. In addition, we can only produce so many treatments per week, so that if we receive too many orders, you may have to wait your turn in the queue. We will normally notify you of any delays.

2. The remedies will be sent by airmail for international orders. The cost of shipping by airmail is included in the cost of the remedies. Airmail to most major cities on the planet takes 4 to 14 days, and is reliable, and cost-effective. If you live in the UK, it will normally be sent by first class post and arrive the next day.

3.   If there is risk of the i-remedies freezing (for example if they may get left in a freezing mail box in winter), please select the "tracked and signed for" shipping option (as opposed to "signed for" only). This requires that the boxes are signed for on receipt. Then if there is no one available to sign for them, they will be taken back to the post office (normally heated) until you collect them.

4.  I have experience in sending my remedies by airmail to the following countries the US, Canada, UK, Austria, Italy, France, Ireland, Switzerland, Australia and Thailand without any problems (although remote parts of Thailand can be a bit tricky). Note: delivery can take longer to a rural area. Other countries should also be straight forward.

Returns and Refunds

1. Normally, i-remedies cannot be returned for hygiene reasons, and so there cannot be any refunds, except in the following circumstances:

2. Please note that if your order is returned to us due to a wrong address, or because no one was there to accept delivery of your order, or because it was not collected from the customs, or other reason provided it is unopened, then we will consult with you by email as to whether you want us to resend it, possibly in a different way. If not, we will on receipt of the returned goods, refund the total amount of your order less 20% to cover the shipping and handling charges, and any other charges such as return postage fees, etc.


Cancellations must be made before we ship the product. If we receive your cancellation before shipment, we will refund you in full. We cannot accept cancellations after shipment for hygiene reasons. If you wish to cancel your order, please notify us by email and telephone (++44 (0) 1420 488 337 leave a message if necessary), since emails can get lost or delayed. We normally ship within two working days and often the same day as we receive your order. So if you want to cancel you need to do it promptly.


There are no guarantees. Guarantees are not given in any system of medicine or physic. The human body is so complex, that it does not matter how good a treatment is, there will always be some patients who are not cured, at least not without a lot of extra treatment. (For example, antibiotics do not cure all cases of an infection. There are drug-resistant strains.) So in line with other medical professionals, I do not guarantee the treatment will cure you. I do not even claim it will. However, I am who I say I am. I am a physicist. I have had EBV and most of the other infections listed in this site, and I have cured myself. The extracts from people's testimonials presented here are accurate. I have been developing QEP for many years and I have a large number of remedies for other problems as well. My remedies do not have side effects (water cannot), although there may be healing reactions. They normally strengthen your immune system against the virus, although the effects may not be noticeable.


My remedies, treatments, approaches and techniques are designed to promote health, they are not a substitute for the services of a properly qualified health care professional or proper medical treatment. In the case of serious ailment a suitably qualified health care professional should be consulted and their recommendations followed.

Remedies and Trials

1. The remedies are a bit like Bach flower essences which have been available since the 1930s, except that mine are more like the rescue remedy and are made slightly differently, so that they are more focused on specific conditions and hence are more powerful.

2. The remedies are not medicines because they do not attack disease - water cannot. They are spiritual supplements or health boosting nutritional information which strengthen life and health. Information is not a substance but a pattern. This nutritional or living information is encoded into patterns in water and maintained by the life force. When these are placed on the skin or ingested by a patient, they strengthen the life force or spirit and hence energy of the patient. The remedies are pure water (with possible traces of brandy). They do not contain anything toxic or poisonous, nor anything which acts directly against the infection. Instead they act by strengthening the patient's life force which in turn deploys their immune system more effectively against the infection. Furthermore, they are made using sunlight, just as the food chain starts with sunlight. Thus, the remedies are not medicines, but nutritional information supplements which strengthen the life force, spirit and health of the patient.

3. These remedies are not “medical” treatment and should not be seen as a substitute for or to delay proper medical treatment. Nor should they be used to replace existing medical treatment, such as drugs. The remedies act in such a different way from drugs that it is normal practice to continue any drugs being taken and take the remedies as well (There may be exceptions to this, but if so, I have not encountered any). A number of my patients with HIV take anti-retroviral drugs along with my remedies, without any adverse effects, which confirms this.

4. I am involved in on-going research into new remedies and treatments, and so there are new remedies and constant product updates and revisions. Thus I may revise, update, suspend or discontinue remedies, sets of remedies, the form of therapeutic trials or actual trials at any time, except to those currently undergoing a course of my treatment.


Dr Richard Ellis

Ellis Healing Systems

Headley Mill

Bordon, Hants GU35 8RJ, UK

Date: 2.4.18.