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Introduction to Living Waters - Welcome

Quantum Entropathy

Dr Richard Ellis, MA, DPhil (Oxon)

Living waters are waters which are alive. They contain love and light (Holy Spirit) and order, to heal disease. They contain the essence of life itself. They contain living information, so I call them i-remedies:

What? This website presents i-remedies and i-treatments to boost your immune system naturally against:
. Viruses
. Bacteria
. Fungal infections
Also to Release:
. negative emotions
. negative thoughts - where viruses may hide
. toxicity
. heavy metals
. petrochemicals
And Positive remedies to boost:
. positive emotions.
. love - the energy of love
. healing

Who? I am a research physicist (PhD Oxford) who thought there is something better in nature than nuclear weapons. About 30+ years ago I realised it is the healing power of nature - the Universe is alive! So I asked myself "How could I heal myself naturally"? Since I was a physicist, I decided to apply advanced physics to all kinds of natural healing systems. So I investigated herbs and nutrition, and spent 30+ years researching energy medicine (healing) and the physics of the same. I have been quite ill, mainly chronic illness (from past lives), but also immune system problems. I have had most of the infections listed here and cured myself of all of them (including Lyme).

Where? I am based in Southern England, in the countryside, in an ancient water mill (water power). I come from a country family where there are healing traditions, so there is also a big input from nature and the old way of life in the country.

How? My i-remedies and i-treatments are part of a new system of consciousness healing, which I call Quantum Entropathy (QEP). QEP is a new synthesis of many different things, so I will start by saying what it is not:

QEP is like:
"  Herbal medicine, but it is not. I use combinations of energies, but these are NOT herbal infusions
"  Homoeopathy, but it is not I do not use the law of similars, but the law of identicals.
"  Bach flower essences, but it's not, although my remedies are similar to Rescue Remedy.
"  Traditional Chinese medicine, but it's not, although some remedies act on meridians.
"  Mind-over-matter healing, but it's not, although my remedies are liquid consciousness.
"  Crystal healing, but its not, although i use the energies of many crystals and minerals.
"  HADO, but its not, although I use the ability of water to absorb vibrations and energies.
"  Spiritual healing, but its not, although having the right set of my remedies is like having a skilled spiritual healer available 24/7 and much much less expensive.
QEP is a bit like:
"  aspects of orthodox medicine, but its not, although I like facts.
"  aspects of Buddhism, but its not, although it includes spirit, life force and energy centres.
"  aspects of Christianity, but its not, although it is based on living waters and love.
"  aspects of the Bible, but its not, although it's based on dew and the tree of life.

All these systems have bits of the truth, but there is a larger inner truth they partly miss. QEP is a synthesis of the inner aspects of all these systems, built around water and living physics.

Why water?
Water is the matrix of life. Water is very peculiar, contrary to common sense, and thousands of scientific papers have been written about it. Most importantly, water absorbs many energies, patterns, vibrations, consciousness, life force, and most importantly of all, love. (See work of Dr Emoto). Water is the medium for the many different energies I use. QEP is a synthesis of many different energies in water, including living information, all tested on myself.

Why Living Physics?
Physicists have started to explore the mountain at the centre of creation (with the large hadron collider at CERN) but they don't understand that it is alive. There are two parts to the Universe: the part you see and the part which does the seeing. Normal physics focuses on the dead, material part and denies the existence of the living part - even though they have started to find evidence for this! So when I say "physics" I mean "living physics", which includes the part which does the seeing.

Living physics is the scientific exploration of the life force, love and spirit (unified field), and the way they interact with and regulate matter, especially to create order out of chaos and heal disease.

Physics provides many of the concepts needed to heal disease, such as forces (eg life force) interacting with matter, randomness (entropy = disease), order (information), spin (energy centres), higher dimensions, consciousness (the observer), mind over matter (quantum mechanics and the collapse of the wave function).

Physics provides a pre-defined framework which can be modified to include life and facilitate healing. Much of this framework is objectively defined in existing physics. It can be applied to the subjective side of healing to make it more precise. This is healing with a precision you have never seen before. At the same time, it is gentle, non-chemical, non-toxic, natural and works.

Why Healing? Healing is the quickest way back to God.

What are i-remedies?
My i-remedies are made from sunlight, flowers, crystals and water, and contain living information – hence the name i-remedies. They are energy remedies, which are very highly organised states of water (ie patterns of regulated vibrations) maintained by consciousness. They are liquid consciousness. They are alive and so they are living waters. When you ingest them, they bring this flow of energy, of living information from the earth and sun into yourself, and so you become more alive and in harmony with nature. Apart from the food we eat, much of which is processed and chemicalized, most people are cut off from the wide spectrum of patterns of energy which come from nature and the sun.

Living organisms are very very highly organised. This is a scientific fact, but scientists do not understand what creates this order. In fact there are processes in nature, unknown to science (but utilised by my remedies), which create order out of chaos. Disease is a breakdown in this process. Thus disease is associated with randomness, and negative states of the emotions and mind. Healing is the process of stimulating the creation of order out of chaos, which can be done with love and consciousness.

How are i-remedies made? There are several steps to making my i-remedies:
1. The first step is to put a flower or crystal into pure water and place it in sunlight, usually all day, then its consciousness will be imprinted into the water. One then removes the flower or crystal, filters it and bottles it (with brandy as a preservative for the flower essences). I have made thousands of these basic essences.
2. The second step is to combine together a number of these basic essences. to make a new state of consciousness which is more focused, and so more powerful (a bit like a laser). So my living waters are combinations of these basic essences. I have made thousands of these.
Many of my remedies have additional steps:
3. Some of my i-remedies are combinations of these combination remedies of step 2.
These usually put focussed energies into a number of different areas, so that they retain their focused power, and are broader in their action. For example, I combine some i-remedies together to treat a problem (eg weak immune system) on most levels of spirit. I also combine together remedies to say boost the immune system on physical levels, from DNA up to the skin. There are other combination of combination i-remedies.
4. Many i-remedies (whether of step 2 or step 3) have been dimensionalised so they work on higher dimensions of matter (eg predicted by string theory in physics). This is a mechanical process which makes them interact more strongly with the matter of your body.

Please Note: I do not project thought or personal energies into my i-remedies. I do not do magic. I am a scientist using the energies present in nature (in flowers, crystals, minerals and sunlight). My only input is the selection of source energies and proportions, and this depends upon acute observations and a lot of experimenting.

The key point is that you are created by consciousness. The life force organises the patterns and vibrations of your body, whilst love binds you into the matter of your body. So love is who you are.

As a physicist, I did not know much about love, and so I was fascinated when I found books by Jesus, the teacher of love, and these stimulated me to make many such loving waters. I give some information about these and other books (see Resources below). This is a new science and a new system of healing. Some of the words and phrases I use are unusual, and so I explain these in the glossary.

The living waters presented on this website are ones which I and my friends turn to again and again to help us through life.